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Last year, each time she filled her prescription at a CVS, she paid $75.07. Checking the CVS Caremark website this year, she learned that the cost had gone up to $99.03 (or $81.51 if she used CVS’s mail order service).
Investigating further, she found that GoodRx offered the same prescription at the same drugstore for $75.57, without her insurance. The prices were even lower at other pharmacies.

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*The most important thing you can learn in life, is personal responsibility. Bad things do happen, it`s your job to overcome them*

The Mission and Vision of MySalus are to empower every individual to own their well-being by educating, enabling and engaging them with the resources, tools, insights, and support to attain their individual health, wellness and prosperity goals, joining together to build a healthier society based upon mutual holistic insights, sharing and support. As a non-profit organization, we are able to provide a universal, untethered, unbiased and protected community environment for you to own and engage your holistic (Mind, Body, and Soul) well-being, representing an alternative approach to relying on the “healthcare system” to manage and maintain your personal health and wellness. Many of the features and benefits offered in the community are available on the internet through various entities, both public and private. Our approach is to bring these various resources and tools together into one community environment where we can leverage each others knowledge, insights and experience through social sharing within the community.

The MySalus community supports individuals (members) and businesses (partners and sponsors) that who believe in Holistic Consumer Driven Health and Wellness as the path to well-being and happiness. MySalus operates for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Federal tax code.


The clowns prayer       I am  living well, if I can create an environment where I  “… create more laughter than tears, dispense more happiness than gloom, spread more cheer than despair… “

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I have never, honestly, thrown a chair in my life.Steve Ballmer
1. A Dependency on an outdated sickcare system. Our healthcare system and has become a complex and costly oligopoly with limited choice. Consider this rendering of our current healthcare system by the CMO for Disney, laid out in Disney’s classic theme park map fashion. Click image to enlarge HealthcareLand
2. A need to simplify and take ownership. Contrary to the barrage of daily media urging otherwise, healthcare is not being well. Getting back to the basics of holistic health and wellness is key as we have largely become a society of dependents, reliant on and trusting in modern medicine and medications for our health and wellness. How did we get here?[/popup] Click image to enlarge
3. A need to leverage community resources. Approximately 78% of the US population uses at least one social network. MySalus communities provide a powerful venue for members to access information, suggestions, and support from other members who have the same disease(s) and/or condition(s). Click image to see a short video.