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The Impact Finance Center catalyzes investments that produce enduring value
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The Impact Finance Center is dedicated to catalyzing investments that produce enduring value for the investor, society, and our environment. We believe that every investment has an impact – our job is to help our clients and partners understand those impacts on a broader scale and maximize the benefits while minimizing unintended harm.

Mission Related Investments (MRIs) are one of the most powerful tools an organization can use to achieve social impact. The definition of MRIs is deceptively simple: an MRI is any investment activity that furthers the investor’s organizational mission. So for a nonprofit dedicated to creating affordable housing, an MRI might involve providing financing to a new affordable housing development project.

But don’t let the simplicity of the definition fool you. When an organization deploys a fully-integrated MRI strategy, the results can be profound. Imagine bringing the entirety of an organization’s resources to bear in serving its mission – even directing endowment capital to support mission-aligned programs and efforts. Then imagine the increased impact resulting from that capital coordinated with efforts in grant-making, portfolio screens, shareholder activism, and direct investing. The effect isn’t just local change, but large-scale social change. That’s the power of Mission Related Investments. And that’s why public and private organizations alike are increasingly looking to MRIs as the next “big thing.”

IFC is distinguished not just in the depth of our transaction expertise, but also in our dedication to intellectual thought leadership. As an academic research center that combines outstanding students and experienced practitioners, we offer an unrivaled blend of practical experience, cutting-edge scholarship and independent thought. And because we are a nonprofit enterprise, we work hard to ensure that our findings are quickly disseminated throughout the market.

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